Social Pressure and How to Use it for Positive Change


jim.rohnIt’s funny how the mind works. You wave some cash in front of our face or better yet a double fudge ice cream sundae and all common sense goes out the door. But, as crazy is it seems social pressure can be used for our benefit. We all need to shake things up now and again and sometimes the people around you are just the ones help. Below are the three ways social pressure has helped my life.

1) I signed up for a group fitness membership. I’ve been a personal trainer for years and often work out solo, but there is something different about showing up to a group of people with like-minded goals to achieve fitness. I can push through discomfort, get stronger, and increase my endurance more effectively. Unfortunately I am not one of those few people who love working out hard day after day. I need a kick in the butt to get better.  And with the hundreds of online apps you can create accountability virtually if sweating along with others is not your cup of tea. Find your strength in numbers formula and see if it helps break through a plateau.

Bored with traditional gym equipment? Deadlift a trailer.
Bored with traditional gym equipment? Deadlift a trailer instead.

2) In the last two years I’ve had some business goals on my radar that I REALLY wanted to work towards. And I have made some progress. However, I did not begin making   substantial progress until I paid money, joined a coaching group, and committed to a coach. Why does it take monetary value to push ahead? For me, I needed a mentor/coach who had similar business goals. I knew that if I put my own money on the line I would work harder and focus on what I really needed to accomplish in order to succeed. This doesn’t mean you have to commit a ton of money. Find a couple like minded friends who want to sign up for a seminar or look for free classes in your community to learn a new skill. If you commute find a podcast and learn something on your drive. There are plenty of free and moderately priced personal development resources out there so pick something and take the first step.

Creating meaningful content
Creating meaningful content

3) I have a group of bad-ass friends. I am so thankful for the people who surround me. I have checked many things off my bucket list due to the fact I have people willing to join me. I realize many things will be accomplished alone, but the experiences that I have with others also create fulfillment in their live’s. I’ve participated in a fun motorcycle photo shoot, visited the Arnold Schwarzenegger Fitness Expo multiple times and have wonderful mentors who continually teach me valuable lessons. I figure why not try something new? (My friends may role their eyes at this 🙂 If you hate it don’t do it again.

The Arnold Fitness Expo

Look at your life today. What simple change can you implement to improve your health, learning, or overall well-being? Will social pressure help or not? 

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  1. Kim,

    Loved your thoughts today. I’m making a commitment for my health that will seam small to others but a start for me. As you know I do ZERO excercise or movement . I’m committing to a 30 minute walk each day ( once my face is ok, lol ) I use to walk everyday outdoors and loved it and always felt refreshed when I did. Thanks for the nudge.


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