Age Is Only A Number. My Year In Pictures.

Recently I had coffee with a brilliant woman. We began to discuss our ages and what we have come to notice. She told me that in her thirties she came into herself and life became more authentic. I couldn’t agree more. I feel like my 20’s were about self discovery and making plenty of mistakes. In your 30’s you still make mistakes BUT realize that it is ok to mess up. You learn to care less about what people think and more about what makes you happy.

I’ve been feeling guilty about not writing content on my website in almost a year. All the social media experts recommend writing and putting something out into the universe even if it is not ready. And yet the only thing I’ve posted in 2017 is a few pictures documenting things that I’ve been enjoying. I’ve come to love yoga and hope to gain credentials to teach in 2018. I’ve focused more on plant-based nutrition-although I love a great piece of meat. My fiance and I purchased a home and have been developing our carpentry and remodeling skills (check out our FB and IG page “Renovate with Muscle” to view our journey). I visited Daytona Beach Florida during bike week and rode a motorcycle for the first time! Thank you David Garwood for the opportunity. And lastly, we added another fur baby to our family and now have Karma, Khloe, Kookie, and Kapone:) The Kardashians have nothing on us!

I will not feel bad for slacking off in my postings. This has been my year of reflection as I get ready to turn thirty-six this month . Sometimes the best thoughts are those that aren’t forced onto paper and instead germinate organically. I thought I would sum up my 35th year in pictures.

Aerial Yoga Experience
My Cousin Jen
Daytona Beach
Hardwood Rehab
New Fur Baby Kapone
fish taco
Domesticated Foodie
Our Shiplap Wall
plant based
Plant-Based Foodie
house pic
Renovate With Muscle
Biker Chick
My Family
Tony Robbins
Special Project
Speed Machine

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