Feeling Blessed and Crushing a Leg with 140lbs

Disclaimer: I am not the person who dropped the weight on their foot. It was my fiance Kevin who did. And let me preface by saying we both learned a lot from the experience. During the last week and a half that heavy dumbbell created a lot of mental and muscular soreness. No amount of amino acids could prepare us for the amount of stress we’d experience.

It started our like any other Monday night. Gym, weights, and chest pressing were on the agenda. Kevin did his normal routine which included pressing the 140lb weights for reps (easy weight right?)

However, for those who don’t frequent a commercial gym, there are racks for the weights. He placed the 140lb dumbbells back in their place and suddenly one fell from the rack. His reaction was to move his foot-and he did. But, unfortunately the other weight was still siting on the floor which created a perfect barrier for his ankle to make impact with a falling dumbbell and pain.

I won’t go into all the details since it is kinda gross but when your body is hurt you bleed, swell and curse. He hobbled around for several days, iced, elevated and rested.

Kevin smiling in the ambulance

We forget how lucky we are to have healthy mobility and function for everyday activities. Normal tasks such as walking, taking a shower, and driving a car were compromised because he couldn’t move. The pain was pass-out worthy so any upright movement was out of the question.

By Sunday night we knew it wasn’t going to get any better. Off to the Urgent Care we went. They laughed and said his injury was beyond their scope. We drove to the local hospital and after consulting with several emergency room Doctor’s they decided the safest choice was to transport him to a nearby hospital better equipped for his type of trauma. Their worry about a possible blood clot or compartment syndrome put me directly behind the ambulance ready to follow. Compartment syndrome can be scary. After an injury excessive pressure can build up causing tissue damage or worse.

At the hospital several tests including an ultra sound, blood work and x-rays showed no signs of broken bones or blood clotting. However, the amount of swelling had increased and three orthopedic docs came in to assess his leg. Final verdict?

Gives a new meaning to the word “swole”

No compartment syndrome either! The amount of inflammation had created so much swelling and for a big guy the blood flow circulating in his lower leg caused excruciating pain. We were still not out of the dark. With muscle breakdown comes increased levels of protein in the blood. We had to make sure fluids were increased to prevent kidney damage.

Kevin is healing and we are back to our normal routine for the most part. I give credit to humor for getting us through this experience with most of our sanity intact.

The morale of the story: don’t take for granted what you are lucky enough to do each day. Keep lifting weights. Have patience and appreciate those people who can help you when you can’t even pee by yourself 🙂

Hospital bed selfie
Hospital bed selfie





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